About Us


 There are two gifts

   we should give our children

     One is roots,

     the other is wings.


We Believe

That if children are given ample time and freedom to explore and discover at their own pace, to spend long hours outdoors, to take risks and set out on adventures, and to learn the rigors of cooperation, they will develop skills and abilities that create in them the resiliency and courage to tackle life’s challenges.

This is the greatest way to prepare a child for life. And because of this we have worked hard to develop a place where children can do just that.


We Believe

That as a community that includes grandparents, and teachers we can offer support and encouragement as parents face the challenging task of nurturing their children into adulthood.

We Believe

that providing a place that's a welcoming adventure for children as well as a place of beauty within a peaceful environment gives us wonderful opportunities to see our vision fulfilled.

- Susan Crook, Wellspring Director

Wellspring Children’s Center admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

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