Raising Amazing Boys

Two 4 years old girls decide to play cars. First, each one picks out her cars, then some time is spent as they talk about which ones will be the mommy cars and which will be the baby cars. Next they decide they need to make a house for the cars. So, taking the bin […]

The Art of Teaching Responsibility

Parenting is no easy task and one of the questions many parents have is in regards to children doing chores around the house. My belief is that you can start very early in a child’s life, however, it helps to understand a child’s capability and developmental age when assigning tasks. For instance, it’s perfectly OK […]

A Little Less “Good Job” if You Please!

“Good Job;” we hear it wherever children are, whether at the park, school, store, or home. But what are we really saying when we toss those words out there to our children?  Of course we all want our children to feel good about themselves, and when we say “good job” we are simply trying to […]

Show Your Soul!

I love the new year! The hope and energy it brings…hope for better times and new beginnings. I know so many are glad to see 2009 go. There has been a lot of strife and struggle this past year and the economy is only part of it. Yet I feel a sense of excitement as […]