Outdoor Classroom & Children’s Community Garden

In this fast paced world a “snails pace” has been given new meaning for those of us at Wellspring who are working on the plans for 9th St.. but at least it gives us opportunity to smell the roses, enjoy the scenery, and see what God is doing. I’m getting used to moving at God’s pace rather than my own and I’m even learning to like it! His plans and His timing are always best for us. As for what’s happening on our dear little plot of earth at 9th St and Santa Ynez? LOTS!
Our plans are to build a new school house for Wellspring Children’s Center and we will continue to wait on the Lord, build our savings and keeping our dream alive. However, even when things don’t move as quickly as planned you can still take what you have and make something good from it, right? So we decided to create Wellspring Children’s Community Garden and Outdoor Classroom on the building site. This is a teaching garden for Wellspring children as well as a community garden for families with young children.
Purpose statement for Wellspring Children’s Community Garden:

To provide space and opportunity for families to come together and work cooperatively in teaching young children the natural processes of growing food for the family table.

If you are interested in the Children’s Community Garden or Outdoor Classroom, would like to make a donation or if you have any questions, concerns, or comments please email or call us, we would love to talk with you!

Thanks so much…Blessings!

Susan Crook