Our Philosophy 

Wellspring Children’s Center is a learning community for children and their families where:


Children are valued for their ability to do meaningful work, their wonder and curiosity, their perspectives, and their ability to play.


Families are valued for their bonds and traditions, their commitment to work, home, community, their dreams for their children, and their ability to play.


Staff are valued for their vision, their skill and knowledge, their heart for and their delight in children, and their ability to play.

We believe that a strong parent/school relationship is essential. Parent involvement and support is an important component of our program. We encourage open communication between parents and teachers on a regular and consistent basis to provide the best possible care for your child.

We offer high quality care that meets or exceeds the standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

We enlist the help of well-educated, skillful staff who interact positively with children and support their development.

We ensure that the environment and experiences match each child’s developmental level and individual learning style.

We support families in achieving their hopes and dreams for their child.


We believe that all children are full of remarkable capabilities and have a right to a childhood filled with play, exploration and excitement about learning. Children’s learning is enhanced with respect and support from adults.

We see children as enormously creative and capable of complex learning through self-directed play. We build our curriculum around their questions and pursuits and the skills they are trying to master. We pay close attention to cultivating their self-esteem and their dispositions toward learning, risk-taking and problem solving.

We believe that children are a precious gift from God and that parents are God’s primary provision for their nurture, care, and education, and we consider it a privilege to partner with parents as they seek the very best for their children.

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